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At St. Joseph’s school over 27% of pupils have English as an Additional Language (EAL). We are proud of our bi-lingual and multi-lingual children and we have created a welcoming environment for them and their parents/carers.

The home languages of our EAL children are valued and we feel that having children who speak many languages enriches our school community.

We currently have 16 different languages that are spoken at St. Joseph’s. The highest numbers speak Polish, Malayalam and Portugese.

Pupils with EAL learn English alongside curriculum subjects, mainly in class and usually make very good progress.

For pupils who are new to the UK, our teaching staff carry out initial assessment to decide how best to support the children. We firmly believe that children for whom English is not their first language have the skills and ability to participate in the full curriculum and have an equal opportunity to succeed. Support staff and a class teacher work hard to ensure that children feel safe at our school and enjoy learning English.

Mrs. Anna Lesiuk is our EAL T.A. who provides extra support for children learning English. Mrs. Lesiuk also holds regular drop-in sessions for families learning English to enable them to ask questions or receive information about supporting a child at home. So if you have any worries or concerns about your child in this area, please contact Mrs. Anna Lesiuk (specialist EAL T.A.) or ask at the office for further information, or to make an appointment.

Useful Resources
Here are some websites with games and activities to help you and your child learn English as an additional language

+ British Council
+ Oxford Owl
+ World Stories
+ Ruth Miskin
+ ICT Games
+ Reading Game