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+ House Captain News Archive 2016/17

House Captians

St Bernadette - Olliver

Hello I’m Ollie and I’m 11. I enjoy working on the computers. My favourite author is Roald Dahl and I love ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’. I am working hard in school as I wish to be a pilot when I’m older. My favourite colour is purple.

St Francis- Jack

Hello I’m Jack. I am 11 and I’m always happy. My skills include ventriloquism, singing, dancing and writing. My dream job is at Disneyland, playing the role of Mickey.

St Joseph- Sofia

Hello my name is Sofia. I would like to be an author when I grow up because I love to be creative and put my ideas on paper. I love music, especially making up my own pieces on the piano. Being a House Captain is fun because I like counting the house points with my friends. I also like making new friends and making people happy.

St Theresa- Rose

Hello my name is Rose. I am 11 years old and my brother is 13. I would like to be the first woman on the moon. I love sport, especially gymnastics and dance. I do lots of performing arts outside of school including singing, dancing and acting.

Weekly Review

14.05.18 - 18.05.18

Leo - St Joseph
I had fun at the ice cream party, we deserved it and it was fun.

I liked ICT because we were making our own games.

I enjoyed watching a film and singing along to the songs. Also, we celebrated that SATS are finished.

07.05.18 - 11.05.18

I had fun running around and playing with my friends.

Aric - St Bernadette
I enjoyed maths this week because it was fun.

Charlie - St Joseph
This week I enjoyed science because I got to play with light.

Ashlee - St Theresa
I enjoyed my lunchtimes this week becayse it is a break from working hard on the SATS.

30.04.18 - 04.05.18

Gaby - St Joseph
I enjoyed maths because I almost got full marks and was inspired by all my afternoon teachers.

I enjoyed golden time because I can play with my sister.

This week I enjoyed maths and football.

I had fun reading this week.

23.04.18 - 27.04.18

Oliver - St Francis
This week at school I have enjoyed writing and playing football.

Elsie - St Joseph
I have enjoyed playing with my friends.

Taylor - St Bernadette
I have enjoyed playing football with my friends.

Sebastian - St Theresa
I have enjoyed maths this week because it was fun.