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Mini Vinnies

The Mini Vinnies are a group of children from Year 5 and 6 who have taken a pledge of commitment to the junior strand of the St. Vincent de Paul Society. The children receive certificates and badges when they make their pledge in a special commissioning ceremony. We work towards the commissioning ceremony during our weekly meetings. Beginning each meeting with the Mini Vinnies prayer we then use the time to look around us at our community and think about how we can make a positive impact through acts of kindness. The Mini Vinnies are a fantastic group of kind hearted and dedicated children, who always put others before themselves and think carefully about how they can help.

“As Mini Vinnies we do acts of kindness to cheer up a variety of people. We are a strong community to always help others because together we do our best for Jesus.”
Merin (Year 6)

“The Mini Vinnies are a great team.”
Verity (Year 6)

“I am a Mini Vinnie because I like to discuss my ideas for helping othes.”
Julia (Year 6)

“I do Mini Vinnies to look after the environment and to help people.”
Jack (Year 6)

“I enjoy discussing my ideas with my friends and being the president.”
Gracie (Year 6)

“In Mini Vinnies we try to help as many people as possible or make them as happy as possible.”
Tinaye (Year 6)

This year the positions of responsibility within the Mini Vinnies are:

President : Gracie
Vice President : Oliver
Secretary: Isabel
Treasurer: Merin
Spiritual Advisor: Liam

This half term the Mini Vinnies welcomed new members from Year 5! Thinking about celebrating Easter the Mini Vinnies decided to organise a donation of Easter eggs for the local food bank. The Mini Vinnies made posters to advertise the donation and organised all of the eggs that were donated.

Some of the Mini Vinnies then travelled to the food bank to deliver our fantastic collection of Easter eggs. While at the food bank, the Mini Vinnies got to meet some of the volunteers who help every day and learnt more about how the food bank operates.

The Mini Vinnies welcomed the new children in Hedgehogs to St. Joseph's with cards, which they delivered to the children after their first full day at school.

The Mini Vinnies attended a special celebration event at St. Mary's Church. They took part in lots of fun activities and met other Mini Vinnies from local schools.

To celebrate Easter the Mini Vinnies made cards for the people who live in the houses surrounding our school. They then used one of their meetings to deliver the cards to our neighbours.

We held an election to decide who would become the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Spiritual Advisor.

The Mini Vinnies worked hard to learn their pledges and showed their commitment when they received their certificates and badges in the commissioning ceremony.