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Welcome to our Music page

We are extremely proud of the music here at St Joseph’s. Music is a lively and integrated part of St Joseph’s school life, and we recognize that it is an important part of a child’s development.
Musical talent is encouraged in all children, and class music lessons for all year groups aim to develop singing, playing, composing and listening skills, along with enthusiasm for music.
Much of the curricular work leads to concert performances or recordings. Every child in the school is involved in music performance at various stages of their time here. Reception, Year 1 and 2 perform a Nativity, Year 3 perform Carols Around the Christmas Tree, Year 4 take part in a concert with Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Year 5 perform the Easter Reflection and Year 6 perform a musical in the summer. Leavers shows have included The Lion King, Beauty and Beast and The Wizard of Oz.
Our regular school masses, liturgies and assemblies all encourage singing, and pupils at this school are known for the high standard, quality and love of singing.
Children take part in a wide and exciting range of extra-curricular activities; these include School Band, Choir, Djembe Drumming, Boys Barbershop, Recorder Club, String Ensemble and Guitar Club.
We have a team of peripatetic teachers at our school offering the pupils from Year 3 upwards the opportunity to learn an instrument of their choice. This year we have children learning guitar, piano, drum kit, violin, clarinet, flute, saxophone, trumpet, cornet and trombone.

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Hedgehogs have been thinking about well known stories such as The Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks and the Three Bears in Music. Here are a group of Hedgehogs performing a song about The Three Little Pigs.

In their Music lessons Year 1 have been linking to their class topic and thinking about travel and music from Home and Away. We have been performing and listening to some African music. Here is Charlie leading the song A Keelie.

In Year 2 we have been learning about the instruments of the orchestra. Some older children in the school have been visiting us to show their instruments and we are looking forward to a visit from some string players from Parkstone Grammar School. We watched Peter and the Wolf and then the children had a go at making up their own themes for different animals. Here are two examples of their themes. One is for a wolf and the other for a rabbit. See if you can guess which is which!

Year 4 are preparing to go and watch The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra perform at The Lighthouse. We have been learning some songs to as the children will have the opportunity to join in with the orchestra. Every child also has the opportunity to complete their Discover level Arts Award this term. As part of this we had an illustrator come to visit the classes and talk to them about her work.

Year 5 have been learning about how rhythms can be used to create a whole piece of music or even a whole show. We have watched extracts from the musical Stomp and then created our own junk percussion piece.

Spring Concert 2018

In Hedgehogs we have been singing songs about people who help us. We learnt a song about The Lollipop Lady, The Dustbin Men and The Firefighter. Here are a group of Hedgehogs singing Lollipop Lady.

In Year 2 all the children have been learning the recorder. They have learnt to hold the recorder properly, how to make a good sound whilst blowing and how to play the notes B, A and G. Here are a small group from Badgers playing The BA Dood.

In Year 3 all the children have the opportunity to learn an instrument with a visiting teacher. Last year was Brass and we have 10 children still learning trumpets, cornets and trombones. This year all of Year 3 are learning to play the clarinet with Mr Brewster from Soundstorm. They children are working hard preparing for a concert at the end of term. Children who have enjoyed this little introduction to playing the clarinet will have the opportunity to continue in a smaller group. The clarinet is a tricky instrument to master but the children are working hard. Here are the Moles playing their first piece using 2 notes.

In Year 4 we have linked with their class topic and have been Samba drumming in preparation for a Carnival performance to parents. We had the amazing Fliss from Soundstorm in to lead a workshop with the children. Here are 4EC in the workshop.

Year 6 have been learning to use iPads to compose their own Dance Music. We use an app called Imachine2. Mrs Cook is always amazed at how quickly the children work out how to use the app. They have to create all the music from scratch and make sure all the different parts fit together well. Here are a couple of examples of their work.

Year 5 have been listening to Gustav Holst's The Planets and learning about how music can create a particular atmosphere or mood. We talked about how each planet has a different title and therefore a different sound for example Mars Bringer of War and Saturn Bringer of Old Age. The pupils had to compose their own music for Pluto and make up their own title. Here is an example of their work.

Year 6 have been learning about Samba music. We started by performing together as a class Samba band and then pupils used their skills to create their own Samba pieces. Each pupil in the group created their own rhythm suitable for their instrument and then fitted them together. Here are some examples of their work.


Year 5 have been learning about blues music. They all learnt to play the 12 bar blues using the keyboards and some had a go at improvising using a blues scale.