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+ Learning in Reception Hedgehogs Class

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+ Half Term 1 Learning in Reception classes
+ Half Term 2 Learning in Reception classes
+ Half Term 3 Learning in Reception classes

Hedgehogs were very excited to welcome a special visitor after learning about why we support Children in Need and how we can help others.

This half term in Hedgehogs class we have been learning the creation story. We have practised it lots with actions and the children know the story really well now. All of the children have begun to learn their letter sounds as well as how to write them. We have also been talking about what sounds different words start with e.g. 'sun' starts with 's'.For number fun we have been counting to 5 and to 10, building block towers, painting caterpillar spots and learning how to write numbers. We have also been learning about 2D shapes, namely, circle, square, triangle, semi-circle and rectangle. We have been talking about how many corners and sides these shapes have and also ordering the shapes into the correct spaces. The children have learned the story of the very hungry caterpillar and have had lots of class discussions about the story, they have also ordered the story. During P.E. the children have learned how to take gym equipment out and carry it safely such as mats and benches, they have been practising balancing and jumping as well. In Music, the children have been singing songs and playing musical games such as amazing drum. We are very proud of all of our children and their smooth transition into school this term. Well done everybody! We wish all the children a happy half term holiday, enjoy yourselves and stay safe!

Here are some pictures from our learning last year - click here