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These are some pictures from our learning last year

The Hedgehogs celebrated the Royal Wedding with a garden party in our learning garden. We made our own decorations and cakes and sent invitations to Mr McDermott, Mrs O'Donoghue and Mrs Hodson to join us!

The parents of Hedgehogs kindly donated seeds and bulbs for us to plant in our learning garden. We even got given seeds to grow our own vegetables and a special pot so we can see them growing!

The Hedgehogs enjoyed our fab finish for our Space topic. We set off our own rockets with vinegar and bicarbonate soda. One of our Hedgehogs filmed us launching our rockets in the playground.

Hedgehogs enjoyed our 'Colour Explosion Day' where they investigated mixing different colours along with vinegar and bicarbonate soda. The children loved seeing the reactions!

The children enjoyed exploring the life cycle of a butterfly and collaging different pictures from it.