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These are some pictures from our learning last year

We had a great time on Aeroplane Day! We enjoyed the snow and ate an ice lolly in Finland.

In Mexico it was very hot and we danced the Macarena!

We enjoyed our visit from Zoolab and we touched some of the amazing creatures!

We loved singing to our parents at the Ugly Bug Ball.

We had great fun at the Priest House Museum - we washed socks and used tongs to lift the socks out of the soapy water.

We carefully designed and created our own Victorian Plates.

The Squirrels and Owls enjoyed performing their two favourite songs from the Nativity for the Senior Citizens.

The Squirrels and Owls had a fantastic time learning all about staying safe near roads with Karen and Amanda from Poole STEPS.

We made fantastic models of playground equipment for Percy!

We had lots of fun at Poole Park, pretending to be Percy the park keeper for the morning. We followed our maps around the park and found lots of different things.