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These are some pictures from our learning last year

This half term our topic was Green Fingers, so our focus was on nature and plants. We also looked at the weather and here we all are with our rain gauge. It was great to see how much it rained over a week!

We also tested wind. We made wind meters from lollypop sticks and strands of paper. We went outside to see which direction the wind was blowing and how strong it was.

The whole of Year 2 came together for a Great Fire of London drama day. We dressed up as people from 1666 and spent the morning on the market stalls. We sold and bartered for goods until the fire started and then we had to work as teams to try and put the fire out.

The children used drawings and paintings of the Great Fire of London to design their own houses complete with straw roofs and wooden beams.

Here are some children with the drawbridges they created for Turrets and Tiaras.

The children all enjoyed performing this year's nativity 'Superstar!'.

The children practised their football skills and learned about exercise with AFC Bournemouth football coaches, for our 'Alive and Kicking' topic.

The children are practising "Heads, shoulders, knees and toes" for the beginning of our 'Alive and Kicking' topic.