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+ Oxford Owl - If you follow this link, it will take you to the Oxford Owl library. There are lots of books here which you can open on tablets or computers as an ebook for your child to read, most of them the children will be able to use their phonics to read but depending on the level of book and the sounds included in them, your child may need a bit of support. All you have to do is register or login on the page this link takes you to (it is totally free to do, really easy and takes 2 minutes) and then click on a book that your child would like to read.

+ BBC Bitesize Game Small Town Superheroes - You can use this game to explore various key stage 1 literacy activities. If you click on sentences the children can unscramble the words to make sentences and complete MC Ernie’s challenges. If you click on punctuation then the children need to correct all the punctuation mistakes in the sentences. There is also a section for adding prefixes and suffixes to words.

Writing - The children could write a book review of any books they have read, we would love to share these in school when we return, and could inspire other children in the class to read the books they have enjoyed. The children could write their own story, or write a retell of a book they have read.


+ Top Marks Daily 10 - This game lets you choose the level (2) and then choose an area of maths (all of the areas on the list for level 2 are ones the children should be familiar with and able to answer. You can then choose the time allowance you would like to set for each question. If your child would like to write the answers down then set a longer time limit, if you want to go for speedy mental arithmetic then you could shorten the time limit you set for each question. The quiz then goes through questions, then at the end you can review all the answers and check them.

+ Oxford Owl - If you scroll down to the section where it says ‘Maths games for 5-7 year olds’ you will find the games called: Add to 20, Take Away from 20, Multiply by 2, Multiply by 5, Multiply by 10 and Roll the Dice. All of these games are good to help your child practice their number facts.

+ Top Marks Hit The Button - This is another good game to help the children practice their number facts.

The children can also continue to practice adding and subtracting two digit numbers using the column method. Here are two videos to remind your child of this method if they are unsure.
+ Addition
+ Subtraction
The children have applied this method with and without objects. If they are struggling you could use straws, toothpicks, or any other objects you have around the house which you can put into bundles of 10 to support them like the video shows.


+ BBC Bitesize Science - To support the children in consolidating their knowledge of our current topic learning the BBC bitesize website for KS1 science has lots videos to watch, quizzes and information to explore around the topics we have been learning about. For example, what plants and animals need to survive, life cycles, habitats, keeping our bodies healthy, growth of animals and humans etc. They may also like to explore other subjects such as history.

+ BBC Bitesize UK - This link takes your to BBC bitesize page to consolidate the learning the children have done in year 1 and 2 regarding the UK, looking at our seasons, countries that make up the UK and capital cities of those countries. There are some games and information the children can read through.

+ Fire Of London - This link takes you to an interactive website about The Great Fire of London that the children might enjoy exploring and consolidating what we learnt in our previous topic.

+ Phonics Play - this has been made free to use in light of the current situation. The username is: march20 and the password is: home This has lots of phonics games to play including reading real and alien words and recognising tricky words.

Details of each half term’s learning are available below.

+ Autumn Term Learning in Year 2 Foxes
+ Spring Term Learning in Year 2 Foxes

+ Welcome Letter

+ Timetable for Year 2 Foxes

+ Lower School Reading Presentation

Here are some pictures from our learning last year - click here

We all got to use the fire hoses to spray water in different directions. They were really heavy.

We had great fun doing a fire safety wake and shake. We learnt that in a fire we need to "GET OUT! STAY OUT! CALL 999!"