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These are some pictures from our learning last year

Year Three enjoyed a gloriously fabulous day at Lulworth Cove as part of our 'Extreme Earth' topic this term. We explored the coastline; sketching the landscape and learning about layers of rock and soil that make up the cliffs and rock formations. We had the opportunity to fossil hunt with one of the rangers from the visitors centre and even make our own fossil back in the classroom. The children thoroughly enjoyed this trip and all said they would love to visit again with their families!

This term we also celebrated mass for the children who took their First Holy Communion. What a lovely, special time we had together. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed 'treats' so that our children could celebrate and enjoy a party in their classes together with their friends. Also, thank you to everyone who was able to come and share this special mass together at school. The children looked beautiful and smart!

As part of our 'Growing Power' topic this term, year three have been planting their own seeds and watching them grow. We used gardening tools and compost to prepare the ground and a watering can to give them fresh water. We can't wait to see what they grow into!

World book day activities included making puppet characters from famous fairy tales as well as binding sticks together to make 'Stickman' from the popular Julia Donaldson book. The children had a fantastic, creative morning!

Both classes also went to Bournemouth University to get involved in a sports morning. This involved different games where they worked in teams. The children did St. Joseph's proud and had a wonderful time. On the way back, Moles even got to meet the real 'Sulley' they used in the Disney Monster Inc. film!

Year three have been learning all about the Egyptians in this terms topic 'Extraordinary Egyptians!'. We came to school dressed up in amazing Egyptian costumes (Thank you helpers at home!). The children looked incredible! During the day we designed, made and painted circlets and armlets to wear. It was great fun.

In the afternoon we had the pleasure of watching an interactive show called, ' The Lost Tomb'. This was a real highlight of the day which the children were able to participate in and learn lots of facts from!

We hope the children have enjoyed this topic as much as the teachers!

As part of our Ancient Ancestors topic, year three have been learning all about Stone Age people. We became archaeologists for the day and examined some Stone Age (pretend) poo! Looking inside the poo gave us a clues as to the kind of things people of that time may have eaten. It was fantastic fun!