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+ IXL - IXL will be the most useful site for year 4 to use. The Year 4 page has links to practise a wide range of English and Maths skills. Pages are then split into skills with quizzes for the children to complete.

+ KS2 Quizzes - A site with both Maths and English based quizzes which are marked as you go along. Year 4 children should use the KS2 section.

+ Revision Games - Mostly a revision site for the Year 6 SATs tests, but the Year 4 children should enjoy some of the interactive games.

+ Memory Games - Another site for SATs revision, but the games are good for year 4. Some of these games are linked to Memory and would therefore help pupils to retain key information.

+ Math Playground - This US site has lots of Maths games which help to practise a range of skills. Year 4 is equivalent to 3rd grade.

+ English Games - A range of English games and activities.

+ Maths Games - Lots of Maths games on a range of Mathematical concepts.

+ Spelling Activities - Activities to reinforce and practise a range of spelling rules.

+ Spelling Rules - A range of activities and games to practise a range of spelling rules and patterns. The 'curriculum lists' tab directs you to the Year 3 and 4 spelling words.

Details of each half term’s learning are available below.

+ Autumn Term Learning in Year 4 JB
+ Spring Term Learning in Year 4 JB

+ Welcome Letter

+ Timetable for Year 4 JB

Here are some pictures from our learning last year - click here