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The class were finding India on different versions of maps and the globe. We looked at how close it is to the equator and which other countries are near.

During our science lessons we have been making lots of exciting discoveries about sound. Here are some children completing one of the investigations on the relationship between sound and direction.

Two very different reactions to the wattle and daub activity we did at Hooke Court!

During a Topic lesson, we made roundhouses and created a Saxon village complete with fire pits and animals.

During this half term, our topic was 'Active Me' and as part of that we looked at the digestive system. We recreated it using Weetabix and different items such as water, acid and zip-lock bags! In the picture, we are getting ready to push the mix through the 'oesophagus'. Attachments area

Here are some pictures from our learning last year - click here