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These are some pictures from our learning last year

During our Sad Saxons and Vicious Vikings topic this half term the children enjoyed a fantastic residential trip to Hooke Court! To consolidate their learning they were immersed in Saxon and Viking life, including in a shield battle, just as the Vikings would have done!

After learning all about typical Anglo-Saxon settlements, the children showed brilliant collaboration when they came together as a team to create this amazing model!

During our Strange and Dangerous Creatures topic this half term, the children have been learning new art skills, including how to use printing and scoring to create texture. Their fantastic close-ups of their chosen creature created an amazing collage for the showcase!

Continuing their art skill development, the children learnt how to use the wet on wet technique when using the water colours. Each child painted their chosen creature twice, reflecting on their first painting to help improve the technique for their second endeavour.

During our topic 'Espionage' we learned how to read maps and plan a route before setting off to Our Lady of Fatima to complete a local geography study.

Thinking about gadgets spies might need, we learned about electrical circuits before designing and making our own spy torches.

As part of the topic 'Active Me', Year 4 have been enjoying learning about healthy eating and the different nutrients their bodies need. To finish the topic we all made a healthy and nutritious wrap. We followed our own instructions and selected ingredients for their nutritional value.

Here are some pictures from our learning last year - click here