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These are some pictures from our learning last year

Year 6 have been studying the human circulatory system in our science topic lessons.

Year 6 having been learning about Rangoli art. It is a colourful design drawn on the floor near the entrance to a house to welcome guests during Diwali, a Hindu festival. Rangoli can be square, rectangular or circular and are usually inspired by nature.

As part of Year 6’s tribal art topic, the children have learnt about the Masai, a tribe from Africa on the boarder of Kenya and Tanzania. Alongside learning about their way of life, we’ve explored how the people express themselves through intricate bead jewellery. The different patterns and colours symbolise personality traits. The children have designed their own necklace and headdress to reflect themselves.

Year 6 are learning about different tribal art this spring. The artwork was inspired by the Molas of Panama, traditionally made by Kuna women from cloth. The brightly coloured Molas depict geometric shapes or animals.

Dancing children!

Getting ready to go kayaking